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Why is so much sold out already?

Posted by Linda Schnabel on 21st May 2021

This spring has been a challenge in the fashion industry.Last fall, when the manufacturers had to put things in motion to have sewn clothing by spring, Covid was on the rise. No one knew if there woul … read more

How Does Pre-Order Work?

Posted by Linda Schnabel on 11th Mar 2021

How Does Pre-order Work? You place your order now.Your items are reserved.In August or thereabouts we will contact you for payment.Then we ship to you! Why should I pre-order and not just wait f … read more

Multiple "charges"

Posted by Linda Schnabel on 14th Oct 2019

Hi Dear Customer,Have you ever looked at your credit card statement and seen multiple "charges" from us or any other retailer?Today we learned a little more about this. First of all, usually thos … read more

Using the Comments Section of Checkout

Posted by Linda Schnabel on 16th Jul 2018

Hi All,Please don't be afraid to add comments to an order when you are checking out.If you need an order by a certain date, please mention that in the Comments! If we can't make the date, we will cont … read more

Back Orders

Posted by Linda Schnabel on 7th Jun 2018

Hey Everyone, Today I had a great question regarding back orders. The customer was unclear about being charged for an item that Jess & Jane couldn't supply right away.Hi Sandra,You will get y … read more