Check Out problems and Password reset

Posted by Linda Schnabel on 30th Mar 2015

Dear Customer,

I've talked to a couple of our dear customers this past week who were having some trouble with checkout.

We DID move the store to a new host at Christmastime, so if you haven't ordered in 2015, you will need to checkout as a New Customer. Remember to jot down the password you create for your Rosannes account.

If you happen to have asked for a password reset and you didn't get an email to do that, it's because you haven't yet registered as a New Customer.  The system only sends password reset messages if that email address already has an account created around it.

And I want to thank those of you who have had a problem and have taken the time to pick up the phone to tell me. That's how we figure out where the issues are and how we might make things better.

Until next time,