Fall Tribal Products

Posted by Linda Schnabel on 17th Mar 2015

Dear Customer,

Today I was busy describing products, specifically, the Tribal fall things that we put online for preorders.

There were some great items in there. Personally, I know I've got to preorder my corduroy pants in black and navy this year, because last year I waited and got some pretty, but not so basic colors. I do love my cords. I grew up in Minnesota where the winters can get severe. I learned to love corduroy early on.  Plus, it's so plush and rich!

Then I came across the boiled wool coat. That's another one I really want.  I've never had boiled wool in a longer length, but I have two jackets I will never want to part with. Boiled wool is another of those great looking, but warm things.

Ok, there were more. The down coat. Beautiful. I have a cheapy version I picked up this year and now I'm hooked on down again. It's so lightweight! Part of the burden of winter is the weight of the coats.

For those of you who dress up for work each day, I know you'll be interested in the menswear print pants and some of the gorgeous sweaters.

There's also a Sienna (bronze), faux leather jacket, that I think is a sleeper. It jumped out at me at market and I think that's the greatest new color in metallics.

So you're wondering how to choose this far ahead? Let me just mention, if it's a bright color or print, it's usually the first thing to sell out.  Now that's not true in all cases because let's face it, not every bright print or design is a winner, but as a general rule, if you see something in these new Fall things that you MIGHT want next fall and it's bright and pretty, don't wait. Red stuff especially. It usually goes fast.

Until next time,