Multiple "charges"

Posted by Linda Schnabel on 17th May 2022

Hi Dear Customer,

Have you ever looked at your credit card statement and seen multiple "charges" from us or any other retailer?

Today we learned a little more about this. 

First of all, usually those charges are actually authorizations. The cart system looked and made sure you had funds with that credit card and then authorized them so that we, Rosannes, can capture them later. We haven't taken your money with authorizations.

If for any reason, you stopped the order process and started over again, it will create a new authorization or what looks like a charge on your online statement.

Sometimes this happens if you accidentally put in an address that was not actually the billing address. That try will be declined, but it can trigger another authorization on your statement when you start again.

Another reason can be that you spelled your name incorrectly or your email address isn't quite right.

We aren't taking your money with each of these authorizations that you see. We collect or capture your funds when we ship the first time. If you haven't gotten an email with a tracking number, we almost for certain have not charged your credit card.

Unfortunately, with the rise in the use of phones and other little screens, there are more and more errors in the orders. 

The credit card companies are especially interested in finding that your Billing zip code and street address number or P.O. Box number match what they have on record for that card. And it has to be the address where you receive the bill or statement, not the shipping address. 

We hope this is helpful. Please take the time to read what's going in on your orders. Typos and errors really cause a head ache eventually so an extra minute of checking and correcting is worth it.

Let me know if you have questions! We always help solve these issues to your satisfaction.